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International Tax Compliance

International Tax Compliance (Client Notification) Regulations 2016

The UK Government has introduced Regulations under which Martin Aitken Financial Services are designated as Specified Relevant Persons.

We are obliged to notify all of our clients that these Regulations are in place, and to provide a copy of the Client Notification Letter from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Click here to download a pdf

From 2016, HMRC is receiving an unprecedented amount of information about people’s overseas accounts, structures, trusts, and investments from more than 100 jurisdictions worldwide, thanks to agreements to increase global tax transparency.

This gives HMRC the information to check that the right tax has been paid. If you have already declared all your past and present income or gains to HMRC, including from overseas, you do not need to worry.

But if you are in any doubt, HMRC recommends that you read the factsheet to help you decide now what to do next. Click here to download a pdf

Please note that the Regulations oblige us to inform all of our specified clients, and if you receive a communication from us there is no implication that you have neither undisclosed offshore assets, nor paid the correct amount of tax.

If you have any queries please do get in touch with your Martin Aitken Financial Adviser >contact details


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