Attitude to risk questionnaires

Assessment and understanding of risk is a vital part of the advice process, ensuring that the most appropriate recommendations are made.


Everyone can have a different attitude to risk and this attitude can change depending on, for example, your stage in life, your capacity to recover from, or take advantage of market movements and volatility, your specific short term and long term savings and investments objectives, and your day to day financial needs.

Your MAFS adviser will go through a risk questionnaire with you that will form the basis of a discussion on the varying levels of risk you may be exposed to in line with the type of investment we recommend to you.

The risk questionnaire measures your willingness to take risk but it does not take your ability to take risk into account. During our discussions with you we will challenge your responses to the questionnaire in the context of your short and long term needs, and your objectives, to ensure that we make the most appropriate recommendations for you.

The questionnaire alone is not intended to constitute investment advice or recommendations regarding investment or retirement planning. It will help with the assessment of your general attitude to risk, which is only one aspect of the overall financial advice and recommendations we will make.

Once we understand and agree your investment risk tolerance with you, we will then create an investment portfolio and/or retirement plan that follows the appropriate risk assessed asset allocation strategy. How we invest your money >find out moreMaco Icons6

Download and review examples of our attitude to risk questionnaires 

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