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Corporate financial protection

Only one in three companies have some form of business protection, leaving themselves open to serious risk management issues.


Financial cover advice for your businessUmbrella funds

Whether you own or manage a small business or large corporation, our advisers can help you and provide a free initial consultation on your best options to secure financial protection for peace of mind.

Key person assurance

To lose a director or other key employee as a result of death or serious illness can have a major impact on the bottom line. It could even result in the business being taken over or wound up.

So ask yourself the following and let us help you find the solution you need:-

  • How many people are key to your company’s survival and are these individuals insured in the event of death/serious illness? (Remember a key person is not always the boss)

Shareholder/partnership protection

It would be disastrous having worked so hard to make your business a success for it to fail because of a basic oversight such as inadequate protection.

Again, the following questions should prompt a review of your business protection arrangements:-

  • Who will own your business if a director/partner dies, retires or suffers a critical illness?
  • Have you made provision to ensure you remain in control of the business?
  • Is your provision adequate?
  • Has this been documented and allowed for in the Articles of Association?
  • What type if any Trust planning was used when setting up this provision?
  • Has the level of protection remained level as your business has continued to grow?
  • Insurer competition has resulted in premium rates falling. Are you paying a competitive premium?

Contact our corporate protection advisers to arrange an appointmentTimeMgt

We are based in Glasgow, but we are happy to travel to see clients further across Scotland and in London. For free initial advice on the best corporate protection strategy for your business contact our experienced business financial advisers in Glasgow on 0141 272 0000 or fill out our online enquiry form.