Capital investment

When it comes to investing capital, whether for personal or business purposes, there are several options for you to consider.

As always there are numerous questions which need to be answered:


Is it a lump sum investment or a regular savings plan?


Should you invest onshore or offshore?


What about ISAs, unit trusts and investment bonds or maybe investing directly or indirectly in commercial property?

One of the key elements of making any investment is to ensure these are reviewed on a regular basis for the best wealth management and growth results:

• How often are you reviewing yours?
• How are your existing investments performing in relative terms and are they working tax efficiently?
• What’s your outlook and attitude to risk?

We believe strongly in the process of diversification and asset allocation:

• Are you comfortable with the overall spread of your investment portfolio?
• Are all your eggs in one basket?
• Do you have equities, fixed interest, property and cash?
• Do your existing holdings include ‘with profit investment’? If so are you concerned regarding the performance?
Diversification and asset allocation

We offer free initial capital investment advice

Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation regarding your capital investment planning or to find out more about the various types of capital investment

• ISAs
• Capital investment bonds
• Investment trusts
• Other savings and investments products (including EIS, VCTs, commercial property, unit trusts, equities and collectives and more)