Corporate financial protection

Two-thirds of companies lack any form of business protection, exposing themselves to significant risk management challenges.


Financial cover advice for
your business


No matter the size of your business, our advisers can offer a free initial consultation to help you secure
the optimal financial protection, ensuring peace of mind for business owners and managers.

Key person assurance

Losing a director or other crucial employee due to death or serious illness can significantly affect your business’s financial performance. It may even lead to a takeover or closure.

Consider the following question and allow us to assist you in finding the appropriate solution:

How many individuals are vital for your company’s survival, and are they insured in case of death or serious illness? (Remember, a key person is not always the boss.)

Shareholder/partnership protection

After putting in tremendous effort to build a successful business, it would be devastating to see it fail due to a simple oversight like inadequate protection.

To ensure the safety of your business, consider reviewing the following questions:


Who will take ownership of your business if a director/partner passes away, retires, or experiences a critical illness?


Have you made arrangements to guarantee your control over the business?


Is your current provision sufficient? Have you documented and accounted for this provision in the Articles of Association?


Did you incorporate any Trust planning when establishing this provision?


Has the level of protection kept pace with your business's growth?


With increasing competition among insurers, have you explored paying a competitive premium for your coverage?

We offer free initial corporate protection advice

We offer free initial corporate protection advice to help you navigate the choices available and ensure your best interests are prioritised.

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