Corporate financial planning

Maximise your savings with effective corporate financial planning 

Staff Benefits

Reviewing your wage bill’s cost-effectiveness, whether during performance reviews or when hiring new staff, can benefit both the company and the employee. Several products offer perceived benefits to employees that outweigh the costs, such as:

Income protection

Ensures income for employees who need to leave due to health issues, reducing financial strain on the company.

Critical illness insurance

Provides a lump sum if employees are diagnosed with serious illnesses, offering financial support equivalent to two years' salary.

Medical insurance

Facilitates faster recovery and return to full productivity for employees experiencing health problems.


Employers can establish attractive group pension schemes that yield savings compared to individual options.

Life insurance

Group life insurance, often integrated with a pension, can be more cost-effective than individual policies, particularly for employees with pre-existing medical conditions.

Director Pensions

Strategic tax planning can benefit your company if you have excess profit after covering directors' incomes. Director pensions can help lower corporation tax, income tax, and National Insurance, while providing retirement stability for directors.

Additionally, the private fund can be utilised for investments in corporate property or lending money to the company. Interest payments can then contribute to the pensions instead of going into the bank. Schedule a meeting to explore how you can maximise your savings through these opportunities.

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Key man risks

Key person policies provide insurance coverage for companies in case of the unexpected loss of key team members due to death or illness. It’s important to consider the potential cost of employees who are difficult to replace, such as those with unique technical skills or exceptional sales records.

A key person policy can help mitigate these costs and provide financial protection for your business.

Shareholder protection

The death of a shareholder or director in a limited company can create financial difficulties for the business.

To prevent complications, many companies have provisions in their deeds or articles of association that offer the deceased’s share for purchase to other directors and/or shareholders. This ensures the share doesn’t pass on to their estate and disrupt the business further.

In such cases, life assurance policies can be arranged for shareholders and directors. Through careful planning, these policies may provide a lump sum payout to the company, which can be used to “buy out” the deceased. Other shareholder protection options can also cover director’s loan accounts, safeguarding the company’s liability.

There are various life assurance and shareholder protection options available. 

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